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Are you preparing to move from the Brisbane area up to the Gold Coast? If so, Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals can help. For the past 18 years, we have been providing furniture removal services to both residential and commercial clients. From apartments to houses to office spaces, we have spearheaded many different moving processes—keeping our clients happy and their furniture in great condition along the way. Now, we’re ready to help you with your move.

Control the Cost of Your Move, with Flat Billing Rates and Free Pricing Quotes

At Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals, one of the factors that set us apart from other moving companies you might come across is our billing structure. For every client—regardless of whether the job is a residential relocation or an office move—we always offer two default billing options. The first is an hourly fee, where we bill based on how long your moving process takes. At the end of your move, we calculate the work time plus the travel time (to the nearest 15-minute interval) and bill you based on the final number.

The second billing option is a flat rate for the entire job and gives you a bit more opportunity to control the total cost of your move. If you are well organised or moving locally, we generally recommend the hourly rate option—simply because our movers tend to be fast and efficient. If you want to know exactly how much you will pay, though, the flat rate will have some appeal. Since more travel time is involved with a move to Gold Coast, that might be another reason to consider the flat rate billing option.

If you want to use Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals as your Gold Coast moving company, but aren’t sure which billing rate is best for you, feel free to get in touch. We also offer a free price quote service, if you need help making up your mind. You can fill out this form online to get an approximate quote back in your inbox, or you can have our staff come out and look at your home to give you a more accurate estimate. Our quotes are all completely complimentary with no strings attached, so you can learn more about pricing without feeling any obligation to work with us for your move.

Since we know that moving decisions often require haste, we will do our best to respond to your quote request as quickly as possible. Our online quotes are known for being extremely fast. If you would prefer an in-person quote, you may have to wait a bit longer. However, we will still work to give you an answer as soon as we are able.

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Stop sorting through lists of moving companies in Gold Coast and choose Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals. As a family owned and operated company with nearly two decades of history, we will make sure that your move from Brisbane to Gold Coast is fast, efficient and affordable. Call us on 1800 181 008 to learn more or to book one of our teams for your forthcoming move.