From Choosing the Right Brisbane Moving Company to Getting Furniture Removal Insurance, Take These Steps to Protect Your Belongings During a Move

When a move goes seamlessly, the biggest hassle behind the process will probably be packing everything up at your old address and unpacking everything at your new place. When a move doesn’t go seamlessly, though, your belongings can get damaged or lost while travelling from point A to point B.

Needless to say, no one wants to think of their antique coffee table getting scuffed or damaged in the move, or having their wedding china fall off the moving truck and shatter into thousands of tiny pieces. However, it is worth thinking about these possible outcomes before you plan your move, simply so you can make the proper arrangements to prevent them.

How to Plan a Safe and Damage-Free Move

So how can you arrange a moving process where all of your belongings—expensive and not-so-expensive—make it to your new address intact? Here are a few considerations and precautions that you should keep in mind going forward.

  • Choose the right moving company: Not all moving companies in Brisbane are equal. For the sake of your peace of mind, do your homework and find a moving company with a long and reputed track record. At Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals, we have been helping families and businesses move for 18 years and have served many, many satisfied customers. Our servicemen are qualified, reliable, experienced and honest. They will look after your furniture and make sure it arrives at point B in the same condition that it left point A.
  • Use proper moving materials: One of the top reasons that items get damaged during a move is that they aren’t packed properly. Packing your stuff—whether you are loading dishes into boxes or furniture onto a truck—is an art that deserves considerable attention to detail. If you choose Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals as your Brisbane moving company, we will wrap everything with blankets and felt pads and tie your furniture to the railings of our moving trucks to minimise movement. On your end, you should use packing paper, bubble wrap and sturdy boxes to pack your stuff—particularly fragile valuables such as dishes. Click here to purchase packing materials directly from us.
  • Consider getting moving insurance: It’s smart to take precautions for your move, from hiring a reputed moving company in Brisbane to padding and double padding your valuables while in transit. Sometimes, though, accidents just happen. As such, to avoid taking too much of a financial hit for accidental moving-related damage, you might consider getting a moving insurance policy to cover your relocation. Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals doesn’t sell office removal insurance directly, but you can click this link to learn more.

Need More Moving Tips? Get in Touch with Your Brisbane Moving Company Today

If your search for Brisbane moving companies leads you to choose Easy and Stressless Furniture Removals, know that we are happy to help you with every step of your move. If you need additional moving and damage-prevention tips, click here or give us a call on 1800 181 008.